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Waiting list for purchase of new OnePlus smartphones is filling up

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Bitsia buyer of OnePlus 2 expect wait time from job submission with up to three weeks. Before they can order the device, they must however get an invite for the purchase of the OnePlus smartphones. Tens of thousands people have already registered on a waiting list for the purchase of the OnePlus 2.


Room for interpretation to. But those who had hoped to get when buying the OnePlus 2 equal delivery of new smartphones invites to distribute to friends and acquaintances will be disappointed. How long it will take after receiving the OnePlus 2 until the purchase options make more leaves the Chinese manufacturer. This is dependent on the quantity of equipment that comes out of the factories. "But definitely at a later date you received for friends and family members immediately when purchasing your OnePlus 2 - invitations. We assign manually the invitations you, based on our production numbers", it says on the OnePlus website.


Recently the smartphone maker had already announced the release of the OnePlus 2 a 30 to 50 times greater number of invites for the device give out as last year with the one. Also this time, active users in the distribution of invites to be preferred in the OnePlus Forum and the social media channels of the company. Others can now register stating your E-Mail address on a waiting list. Last night at 22: 00, where more than 50,000 people had registered. All buyers of the OnePlus 2 should not only with a time lag, but immediately invites further to distribute among their friends or other contacts made get. In addition to invites email there invite cards this year also - much like credit cards for iTunes or Google play -.


OnePlus will present its second Smartphone model on early Tuesday morning in a VR-launch event. When will be the release of the device, is not known. Undelivered invites must be used within 24 hours. Buyer must expect delivery time up to three weeks according to the company. Meanwhile, OnePlus has sold more than 1.5 million units of the one. For 2015, the company is aiming for a paragraph of three to five million smartphones.


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The iPhone 6s looks like the iPhone 6 - gel nude pictures

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So it should look so the iPhone 6 s. 9to5Mac have been played to pictures supposedly from the Zulieferung chain of Apple by an employee. To see: the cover of the revised flagship items fine neatly side by side placed to give an insight into the Interior. Here the essential differences to be found, from the outside, the device looks namely as its predecessor.

Short after the production started on the iPhone 6 s, the first leak reached us now. As with iPhone 5 and 5s practice there is little difference will emerge consequently at the iPhone 6 and 6 s. As it currently stands, Apple even the shade of the space grey maintains - what could yet change, otherwise this would bite iPhone 6s discreetly with the Apple watch in the same name.

Technical specifications apparently also gel Act

The antenna strips which are still well visible up and down across the back are also unchanged. Connections and speakers alike match the iPhone 6. Existing accessories for it will be so is expected to continue. A dual-camera seems to be because the aperture for the lens is also the predecessor of the table. Some updates for the Selfie camera indicate but already by the iOS 9 beta.

While the exterior of the iPhone 6 s is identical to the iPhone 6, the arrangement of the fastening points is different. 9to5Mac indicates to have further information about the motherboard, which suggest that the shown cover is authentic. Details will follow in the course of the next few days so that we soon know whether the speculated specs meet the iPhone 6 s the truth or not - provided 9to5Mac has staked a bear nobody. Then also there that's iPhone 6s plus, for the time being remains a mystery.

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IPhone Holds 12.3% Market Share of China in the First Quarter

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Strategy Analytics recently releases data report to say that Mi holds most of the phone market share of China in the first quarter, while iPhone gets the second place, holding 12.3% market share, increased greatly from last year.

According to the data, in the first quarter of 2015, Mi has sold 14 million phones in China, accounting 12.8% market share, while Apple has sold out 13.5 million iPhones, accounting 12.3% market share. Their distance has been reduced.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus did a great contribution to increasing the company's market share. Both of the phones are popular in China market.

While in international market, Apple has sold 61.2 million iPhones in total, accounting 18% market share. Although the number of sold phones has fallen, Samsung still gets the top in the global market in the quarter, with its market share accounted 24%.

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??????? ?????? G4 ??? ??? ????????? ??? ????? ????????? ???? 29 ?????/???????

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لقد شهدنا العديد من شركات الطيران الأمريكية تعلن عن خططها لإطلاق ال جي G4في الأيام الأخيرة، واليوم AT&T المشتركة الخاصة به معلومات الإصدار للرائدة الروبوتالهاتف ال جي.

سوف ترتفع G4 ال جي لمرحلة ما قبل النظام في AT&T غدا، 29 أيار/مايو، قبل إطلاقهفي مخزن في 5 حزيران/يونيه. AT&T سوف توفر إصدارات كل من الرمادي المعدني وجلدأسود من ال G4 هواتف اندرويد.

عندما يتعلق الأمر بال G4 التسعير، سوف تهمة AT&T أسعار مختلفة اعتماداً علىالنموذج الذي تريده. نموذج "اللون الرمادي المعدني" سيكلف $0 إلى أسفل والمدفوعات30 من 21 دولار مع AT&T المقبل 24، $0 أسفل والمدفوعات 24 من 26.25 دولار معAT&T المقبل 18، أو $0 أسفل ودفع 20 $31.50 مع 12 AT&T القادم. يمكنك أيضا اختيارعقدا مدته سنتان ل $199.99 أو خالية من العقد ل 629.99 دولار.

إذا كنت تفضل G4 جلد أسود حقيقي، يمكنك دفع $0 إلى أسفل ودفع 30 دولار 22.34مع AT&T المقبل 24، $0 أسفل والمدفوعات 24 من 27.92 دولار مع AT&T المقبل 18، أو$0 أسفل والمدفوعات 20 من 33.50 دولار مع 12 القادم AT&T. وتشمل خيارات شراءأخرى للجلود G4 239.99 دولار مع مدة سنتين مباع كامل الالتزام أو $669.99.

وسيكون AT&T الزبائن التي تشتري G4 زوجين من الملل المتاحة لهم. الأول سيحصل ' م ال جي ز الوسادة و 8.0 ل 0.99 دولار مع عقد مدته سنتان (8.0 و لوح ز وحدهاسوف تشغيل المشترين 149.99 دولار في العقد;)، بينما الثاني هو بطاقة الذاكرة الحرةجي والبطارية، والشحن مهد العروض التي تتوفر لأي شخص أن يشتري G4 من خلال 21حزيران/يونيه.

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